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Mothers´ Circle

Why joining this group?

As a foreign national mother I know that sometimes can be a bit isolating living away from your family and friends. The idea of these free circles is to try to connect women that are is the same situation and create new friendships and connections

Foster conversations about motherhood

Talk about the pains and delights of motherhood

Strengthen connections between mothers who speak Portuguese and are far from their country.

Speaking without being judged

Exchange experiences and information

Meet other mothers who have the same reality as yours

These circles are here to:

Next Circles

No events available at the moment. Keep an eye on this space.


1 / How much it cost?

These meetings are free. However, if you wish, you can make a small donation to the Doula Access Fund in the UK. ​


The Doula Access Fund provides free support during pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum for people in need. 

Donate to the Doula Access Fund - Doula UK

2 / Where are these circles?

We meet at the 2 Royal Avenue, Belfast

3 / Can I bring my child?

Off course, your child is very welcome.

Limited spaces available.

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