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Eating and Drinking during labour (Part 2)

Some say that labour is like a marathon, in reality the body goes through an incredible physical process, so it makes sense that you it needs fuel. Of course everyone is different and everyone has different needs, so in this post I will share with you some ideas that you can have with you during labour not only for you but for your birthing partner too.

🍪 cereal bars/ energy balls – these can be homemade or you can simply get your favourite from the shop in advance and have a stach for “L” (labour) day

💦 water/ isotonic drinks – this will keep you hydrated

🍌bananas – these are rich in nutrients like carbs and potassium and they are also easy to digest

🌰 dried nuts and fruits – these and small and mighty and are a great option to boost your energy

🍭 candy and gelatin-based sweets – these are great for a fast energy boost

These are some ideas, as some people would prefer a bigger meal and some can’t even imagine the idea of food. I would love to know what you ate in your labour? share on the comments below 👇


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