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There is no "humanized" episiotomy. Repeat that. by Melania Amorim

In our world of humanization you do not conceive of the mutilating cut. Even with the woman's permission, vulnerable at that moment. There is no evidence corroborating any "indication" of episiotomy, these indications were invented by the model of Technocratic, Misogynist, patriarchal and sexist Obstetrics and are repeated to this day without the effectiveness of episiotomy has been proven, and knowing that it increases the risk of severe perineal lacerations (third and fourth degree). What about the 1,586 observational studies on episiotomy and OASIS prevention? Now, people, let's think about the vies of these studies and learn to think in terms of randomized clinical trial (RCT) and Systematic Review with Meta-Analysis of CRS. What is not justified is to celebrate the procedure, minimize its dimensions and leave the woman thinking it was necessary. Episiotomy is not celebrated, it is regretted.


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